Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SEC Uniform Rankings

Well here we are, trying to survive the dogs days of summer with limited football news. Practices won't begin for another few weeks and the baseball season has already bored us all to tears. So why not explore a facet of the game that we all enjoy: fashion. We are going to examine and rank each SEC teams' uniform to help ease the summer blues until the start of the season!

1. Alabama. And we're starting off old school. You might say this choice is a fuddy duddy's dream, but when you see that crimson jersey and those white simplistic numbers on the helmet, you know you are looking at a winner. It is quite possible that no other uniform in college football is as synonymous with winning as these. Simple=effective in this case. They never change it up for one simple reason: they don't have to.

 2. Florida. That orange and blue color combo is one of the prettiest in sports. The recent addition of the white helmet was a hit as well and with the many different combinations available, Florida is certainly a cut above many in the country when it comes to fashion.

         3. Missouri. The Tigers unveiled new threads this April at their spring game and most agree that Nike did a wonderful job with this "re-branding." The alternate flat-black helmet is going to be a huge hit among Tiger faithful, and the dozens of uni-combos will be very much welcomed as Mizzou starts off in their new conference.

                4. Auburn. That white-on-white road uniform is one of the sleekest in the country. Helmet is pedestrian and the uni hasn't changed much (if at all) over the past 30 years, but this is another case where the look of the uniform elicits images of winning!

5. Arkansas. The Hogs also brought out new threads from Nike for this season and the reviews have been very positive. Possible markdown for using the color black which is not exactly one of Arkansas' school colors. The alternate white helmet has a lot of potential as do many of the possible combinations.

6. Ole Miss. The navy blue and grey is a sharp but also a classic look. It also elicits images of the school's once controversial mascot Colonel Reb, who is gone but not forgotten. Props to Ole Miss for the subtle grey pants which look awesome below the home and away jerseys.Alternate red jersey is not nearly as flattering as the post-Eli Manning Rebels have found out.

7.Vanderbilt. The Commodores recently unveiled these new threads and I think they are a major improvement to past uniforms. The gold jersey is particular is very sleek. Hopefully for Vandy, this new look helps usher in a new era of winning tradition under coach James Franklin.

8. LSU. We've all grown accustomed to seeing this uniform while watching college football highlights the last 15 years or so. And that is for two reasons: 1. the Bayou Bengals are always winning and 2. They never wear anything else. This look is used for both home and road games unless the now odd looking purple jersey is trotted out on a special occasion.

9. Georgia. I've always been a fan of the bright red jersey and giant G on the helmet, but I've also felt that the uniform has something missing. When they occasionally trot out in black pants, or an alternate black helmet for instance, my satisfaction for change is temporarily relieved. The road uniforms are particularly drab when black pants are not worn.

 10. Kentucky. I do think the recent tweaks to the UK uniform are an improvement. That blue is a very striking color, although the uniforms still border on the uninteresting side. Alternate white helmets are a plus, bud did they have to go back to the "UK" design again? Is there a picture of a Wildcat that the University would ever be comfortable using?

11. South Carolina. I do like some of the improvements that the Gamecocks have made, but I've always had a problem with the helmet. The giant C is a bit deceiving. Is it for Carolina (for which there are two states represented by that name) or for Cocks? Either way, I much prefer the black jerseys and pants to the all-red look.

12. Tennessee. As classic as this look has become, I think we can all agree that their preferred color of orange is a tad gaudy. And can we blame ADIDAS for taking away the orange pants for road games? The helmet is the strong suit of this uniform and if there hasn't been a public outcry to outlaw the horrible black alternate jersey for now and forever more, then I give up.

13. The Texas A&M Aggies are currently the unfortunate victims of extreme color bias. I've never been a fan of the maroon color on any sports team. I recognize the classic look that they have and the historic ramifications, but the Aggies could probably use a slight facelift. The grey pants they tried a few years back were not the answer either. On July 12th, the Aggies and ADIDAS unveiled  some new threads. They do appear to be a little sleeker and streamlined, but not enough of an improvement to move them up on this list.

14. Mississippi State. Uh oh, now there are two maroon based teams in the conference! From the uneventful "M-State" helmet to the uniforms which remain very non-striking to the eye, the Dogs seem to be toiling in uniform purgatory. I pray that the Aggies and Bulldogs seldom play each other, as the amount of maroon seen in that game might be enough for me to scratch this whole sports thing altogether.

Uniform Specifics

Best helmet- Alabama

Coolest jersey- Mizzou black jersey

Best pants- LSU 

Best combination- Florida- blue pants, white jersey

Most in need of change- Mississippi State

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